Large Garden Design-North Co. Dublin

Here’s my latest design for a North County Dublin House which is to be built early next year. The large garden is on an elevated site with steep access at the road side. To overcome the steep contours at the front, a series of rock filled gabions are proposed with planting and trees in between, creating a terrace effect along the front of the house. Allowing the driveway to be steep initially gives rise to a flatter area around the house and parking areas. This steep area will have either an asphalt or a preferred resin bound gravel surface and the remainder of the drive is to be gravel with a double cobble bordering.

Steep driveway, gabions creating terraced planting

To create a division between back and front garden and also a connection between both,  the rock filled gabions are used along the side of the house with a hardwood, steel frame access gate leading to the back patio and entertainment area. A slight Moroccan influence  is introduced into the back garden design as requested by my client. Gabions again create an enclosed courtyard space with staggered patio areas intermingled with planting beds. The large back garden space sees some areas of meadow and woodland introduced away from the house with a more formal lawn closer to the house. Beech hedging is proposed along one boundary while the existing native hedgerows on the remaining boundaries are to be retained and enhanced.

Meadow with mown path and woodland looking back at house

Other items included in the garden are a bespoke water feature, hardwood benches in gabions, contemporary pergola and an all important hot tub!